-Excursions in Faaborg and the area in a distance of 3 - 15 km

  • The area is very beautiful and invites to cycling and hikes. There are many beaches nearby
    - Horne Land is a peninsula.

  • Many artists are living in the area and they have different exhibitions.

  • Excursion to the islands: Lyø, Avernakø, Ærø and Bjørnø.

  • Many villages with cosy old half-timbered houses and good options to go fishing in the area.

Citymuseum - Den Gamle Gaard

Faaborg Prisonmuseum

Kaleko Watermill

Faaborg Belltower

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Faaborg Museum for Paintings from Funen

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Horne Kirke - the only round church on Funen



Syd Fyenske Railroads

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Faaborg Mini-City

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Faaborg Harbour

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Svanninge bakker (Hills)
Sollerup Skov (forrest) og Arreskov Sø (lake)

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The archipelago Path

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Farmshop for Stensgaard Manor

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Egeskov Castle
(distance 25 km)

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Flowergarden Strandlyst
- Japanese inspired flowergarden

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The Japanese Gardens

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Faaborg Swimming Pool

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Maritimt Center Charter (rent a boat)

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Faaborg Golf Club

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Svanninge "Mountains"

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Natural playground - Svanninge bakker – the biggest in Denmark

Hikes around "Sundet" near Faaborg
- Promoted the best hike path in 2007
There are many ancient memorials e.g. Pipstorn Skov
– a burial and cultural location through centuries

The ecological farm Trente Mølle with walks

Bøjden Nor – bird sanctuary

Dyreborg Forrest og Dyreborg Harbour

Hvedholm Castle with wine and giftshop

Grubbe Mølle - an old water and windmill

Kayak and boat rent near Sinebjerg

Højrupgaard - horse riding
(distance 19 km)

Højrupgaard Put & Take - 2 large trout lakes
(distance 19 km)